Deep, crisp, crunchy and organic. This is deep house at its most natural. Recorded live instruments, live percussion and a whole wealth of found sound and foley loops for you to really push deep into the unde6 b , V x ~ –rgrowth of sound. Everything in this pack is a full on cinematic e9 { t { d ` j c mxperience.

Inspired by the likes of artists such as Bonobo, Tycho, Boards of Canada, and Jon Hopkins, Organic Deep House and Downtempo provided s V k Rs producW – # xers with a huge 915mb sound set of organic and truly inspiring textures expertly crafted using gear such as the beloved A6 Andromeda, Moog Voyager XL, Juno 106, Korg MS20, Jp-8000 all ran through tube4 ( u f d I preampG u Fs by Manley Labs and Millennia, touched up withb W 4 2 % g $ * 9 analog stomp boxes.X K ? $ Even the found sound natu` e m 4 r 0 ?ral recorded textures werc 0 x 0 a J We processed using analog boxes to enrich the tonality of this pack and pr} s 9 J 4 %ovide a natu{ ` b Xral and musical quality that today’s producers can’t liJ 4 w q u ( P ive wik = e D . \ 9 i Othout.

You’ll soon discover the heart and soul of this pack delivers that organically musical essence that your production neS z ` g U \e2 @ d y o 2 Qds. Whether it’s detailed recordings of naturally occurring sounds and glitched rhyt^ n \ T ( jhmical permutations, or the full reach of bass lines including everything froc ~ w sm deep, sub-dominating basses to natural electric picking and sequenced musical lX ( # [ t `ines, you’re5 + M E I P D ~ in for a major sonic upgrade. YouC F O = 7 b’ll discover expressive and captivating analog synth varietiW ! \ ? d + ]es that fuel creativity and solidify your production quality. Warm, lush and emotional chordal pads, tight sliced rhythmic patterns next to pure] 6 #, beautiful kick drums, layered objects, top loops, etc.^ X e [ \ ! | n All these s( 9 } iounds and more wx d Mill be sure to consistently inspX w x 3 l ` ] ;ireP { 8 # D _ c c your pro+ ^ : rduction and take your muT y ; # V Z Xsic to the next level.


24 Bit Quality
21 Acoustic Loops
64 Bass One Shots
14 Found Sound Loopst \ 6 N D
22 FX
52 Syn5 4 7 z Fth Loops
30 BK } Y P ~ass Loops
100 Drup m q . Zm One Shots
30 Full Drum Loops
56 Percussion & Top Loops
129 Synth One Shots