We are thrilled to present you with a brand new Deep House Sample Pack titled I/O. Whether you want to diversify your soundX I 4 or evolve your sonic brand, I/O is here to support the future of Deep Hou! x s Ise production. Drawing inspirC ! ~ t L 1 # d \ation from artists like De. E H % l radmaus and Disclosure, I/O brings you the full arsenal of one shots and loops to set the trends for upcoming music production. As alC . e M ? Y r Yways, our in house production team has spent hundreds of hours dissecting the industries hottest hoy o n V Puse_ ~ , @ a K ) tracks$ w e in order to bring the best samples iny ^ E u xto the handsa $ k of the modern bedroom producer.


20 Drum L@ 6 | h Ioops
21 Music Loops
180 Drum / Percussion One Shots
10 Bass Shots
13 Synth/Instrument shots
40 Atmos/FX