Future Loops presents Masters Of Chill – Deep & Lounge House, a must-have collect% Q a 3 Vion of superbly produced Deep House, Bass House, Lounge and Chill samples & loops with over 6 GB of content!

Featup A ] ! l ( , X Qring 1930 sounds Masters Of Chill – Deep & Lounge House brings you a selection ofu 0 } ^ . | the finest sampO 8 9 E w k r kle tools for all Deep House producers: expect inspirational and refreshing vibes, warm and deep grooves, crisp basslines, melodic s/ u g y n S w s synths, mellow% 6 & drum works, chopped vocals and much more….all 100% Royalty-Free and ready for mixiy R i r ! 0 9 yng stand out tracks that will get the dance-floors going for hours!

In total thereI 8 ~ O 3 8 R _ aree L J } G H B over 6 GB of premium House sounds that were painstakingly and meticulously crafted with a remar0 t ) !kable diversity and stylish quality :

//Full DL = r E 9 h 1 zrum Loops
Stimulating and provocative drum beats read ts b 0 8 B l io drop into your mix

//Kick Loops
Thick 4/4 layers as individuaR I L b S ~ \ 0l drum loops for full Kick control

//Top Loops
Multiform and intrm P sicate rhythmic and percussive patterns ad layers, kick-free for extra groove control !

/1 m n 1/Bass Loops
OscilatK ) 8 4ing , funky and pumping basslines that will make your tracks seductive!

From gated sequences , rich synths and smooth chords to broken keys, plucked hooks and more !

Warm , lush and gorgeous progressions! //Vox FX Processed aV : [ T .nd chopped up vocals !

//Special FX
Fal_ c w V Nl , Rises, Tonals, Crashes – the perq 0 Z tfect elements to add that extra pro finish to your mixes !

//Full Music Loops
Special full grooves using a combo of the melodic eleme( : = S g ) h $nts included , pre-mixed and ready to go!

//MASSIVE collection of One-Shots
How about oveh m k Z R @ 5 z ;r 803 drum hits of pure Deep House, 3 G , Chill and L; P B y n J Xounge bliss including Kicks, Claps, Hats, Percussion, Snares and| ] V : moreB A y % R * Sounds good!

W– f ? @ 8 oAV
1930 WAV samples

1127 Loops:

66 Full Drums
33 Kick Loops
136 Top Loops
102 Atmos
204 Bass
2B { X `04 ChF , C u M X H j eords
204 Leads
102 Full M) f Vue V = h S $ 2sic Loopsw * Y ) I
34 FX
34 Vocal Cuts

803 Drum One-Shots