One of the most melodically beautiful sample packs we have released, ‘Organic House’ tugs a; B S et the heart strm Y ~ x @ qingv k 4 = Ns in ways we’ve never felt before.W b # P L 7 ~ ; This collection is dangerousl– ! O sy alluring.

From the ground up, this Deep House sample compilation fQ q [ jills the void with stellar content fused into categories to keep even the most seasoned professional busy. ‘Organic House’ is firmly rooted in the Deep House and Organic House realm taking influencez L N R n from artists like Lee Burridge, Tim Green, Roy Rosenfeld, V% S 4 5olen Sentir & Lost Desert. It genuinely is ear candy for the masses. From sublime bassli5 \ h | C anes to sensual su 5 p 7 j 4ynth lines this ta! 4 0 : % ( f ]ntalising tasty collection ju} V & mst can’t be missed. If you’re a fan of labels like All Day I Dream, TrybesOF, Lost Miracle or Hoomidaz 6 8 , 3 u Uas you’re in for a heavenly goodie bag of unmi% h L ? ^ ! z lssable Organic House sounds.

Give the demo / preview a spin and watch the hair1 3 ( ss oT x J .n your arms stand to attT D k K 4 m ! X #ention.



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