Freak Music is proud to present the “House of Drums” – a collection of drum loops, exported drum patterns, and extracx * U h lted samples, created for every House music genre – Elect) I x Xro, Progressive, Deep, Chill.

Fullh u e # drum kits are com4 l p Qing with single patterns, so you can mix or use separated loops to craft your own sequence.

There are included drum samples used to create every kit – kicks, snares, claps, closed and open hi-hats, rides, a. + \ x Nnd percussY { 4 5 U +ion sounds. You can do whatever you want – sb $ b Q $plit, slice loops, or just drag & drop along with the samples to create your own drum sequence| k # y } & C O.E Z l 0 i D G E

It is so impressive amount of choices to woC s E T : Drk with. This sound pack will become your firstS G D source to start creating your next cat3 P X rchy tracks! The license is Royalty-FrX { Hee, ready for any commercial use!

FEATURESj } ` # m { F z %:

25 Drum Kits
120 Drum Loops
120 Drum Samples
25 Mixdown LoopC u Ks
10 Demo Melody Loops (WAV, MIDI)
100% Royalty-Free



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