Prime Loops are extremely proud to present “Kings Of Swing: Downtown House”, a smooth collection of nearly 300 cla: K f X 3 Rssic loops, samples and drums for tp u 1 6 ~ nhe crea; : ( p G 0tive producer. The KiX y t 8 %ngs of Swing are Matt Jam Lamont, and Scott Tonic. They have be# & C + g o { oen wor? \ *king together for some years now, producinn m u $ P ` J ^g and remixi= 9 @ I J .ng for artists such as Alesha Dixon, To P U | O K y 0he Wideboys, Taio Cruz, MJ Cole and many mU A g aore. Their tracks have been repeatedly featured on best selling comw k j D M Apilations through major labels suZ E i Y 4ch as Wm $ ? . karner, Ministry of Souno x H *d, EMI to name but a few.

The pack itself consists of a mixture of Chicago house grooves, ’95 style housex O b r _ & shuffled-out garage riffs which have been influenced by the likt 1 j ;es of Grant NelsonD l L : \ \ { j and Kerri Chandler, as well asp * l 4 s some more upfront jackin flavours inspired by artists such as Joey Youngman & The SoundDiggers. Boasting a wide selectionF I H of styles, you will find doze_ [ c a # Mn’s of swinging beats, grooves, classic old-school stabs, lug k lsh Rhodes prb – z 0 ^ ) B 8 gogressions, pinpoint fx, slammin’ trG p f 6 eibal drums, jackin’ basses and a whole lot more!

As an a{ w D ] %dded bonus, you also get a solid 50-strong drum hits kit that compliment the sounds in this sampI o [le pack perfectly,– ! 6 as well as a selection of stabs/chords, FX and solid bass instruments.


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