We are delighted to welcome the incredibly talented French producer Sweely to our Origq M S ? } – t Q .inals series! This unique collection delivers over 1.13 GB of sounds and loops, showcasing Sweely’s innovative signature house sound.

French-Americanq D * N T, 26 years old, Sweely began digg5 7 ; @ wing from his earliest days into a broad range of musical styles including, Hip hop, Jazz, Rock’n’roll, Dance Music. From the start, Sweelyk 7 \ C ^ L A was explo4 p w Y ` 0 Sring every musical instrument which popped into his hands, includa l ) G U ! : T ring pq * x ^ fercussions, guitars anS 3 J \ m Vd keyboards.

One of the most creative and eclectic FrencT Q E {h producers of the new generation, effortlessly navigating between house, minimal and electro, an Y `s demonstrated by hi| g Z ts releases onW ! ^ ? a lot of diffep ! Q ; x ] D &rent Labels including Lobster Theremin, ButterSideUp, Automatic Writing, Mug z G `len etc…

His energetic livA + Z h c b H 1 Oe performances given him the residency of the infamous CONCRETE club in Paris, You will find him dancing behind his MPC and other hardware gear, crQ M F s S f O Yaft{ N f r Ding rolling and captivating music to transmit his energy and further unify the crowd toP I @ ] Gwards an elegant and groovy mood.

All Tempo-synced at 130 bpm and key-labelled where applicable. This collection is a perfect match for anyone creating Minimal House, Deep House, Garage, Tech-Tech house and more


31 Full Drum Loops
38 No Kick Loops
33 Hat & Top Loops
35 Clap &amw f c n Yp; Snare Loops
25 Percussion Loops
16 Kick Loops
51 Synth & Music Loops
34 Bass Loops
33 Pads
41 SFX
17 Textures

Single Hits:
1h o C ! : q5 Bass Hits
15 Synth Hits
15 Kicks
15 Percussr a | F B 4ion
15 Hi Hats
17 Claps & Snares



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