Looking for some sublime forward thinking infectious sounds to charge your minimal and tech productions Look no further –k F T K ( ` ^ 8 A 5Pin Media presents DEEC T , , –P MINIMAL TECH.

Inspired by the sonic creations of SCSI-9, Isolee, Traumer, Dance Spirit, Audiofly, Alex Piccini, Bw q $ 4 * d (en Klock and Joeski to name but a f; 8 Z E aew, Deep Minimal Tech has all the ingredi~ ] \ X x Bents to create a modern day minimal masterpiece that is as much at ho3 1 – D y K A w Tme on the dance floor as in a laid bacC r J 2 & 5 H 5 Xk listening experience.

Expect a mighty 353 loops (WM j ;AV or Apple) and 268 REX2 loops, 179 one-shots, 56W C X Sample Patches and 1 Live 9 Project.

Add some cute subtlety and cerebral nuances to your music4 ^ F L G n today by starting with the FREE TASTER pack available here.

Key Features:
Expanded drum loops for “mix n match” flexibilty
Musical Key information provided for all Bass/Music WAV Loops
56 Sample patches in NNXT, KONTAKT, EXS24, HALION, SFZ formats
1 Live 9 Project hosting 53 Macro d: | Y v , rriven Ins= 9 z \ l [ Ttrument Racks
WAV, Apple and REX2 Loop formx L a O Kats

Please Note: Requi& z 1 Y =res Ableton Live 9.7.b ? & T } 31+

24Bit Quality

158 Drum
61 Bass
54 Melody
40 PadsR k V $ l % g #
15 Chord
10 Background
15 Vocal
(WA7 J 8V or Apple)
268 REX2

98 Drum & Percussion
23 Bass
28 Music
30 FX & Gli| x M a G h D h itch

Sample Patches
28 Bass
28 Music
(NNX, 7 0 K k X N ] 2T, Kontakt, EXS24, Halion, SFZ)

Live 9 PN G x ( Y 6 ]roject
28 Bass Racks
25 Music Racks

听一听s b L @ kDemo: