In a world where Deep House, Progressive House and Melodic House & Techno reign supreme, ‘Lucid – Deep Melodic’ fuses those genre bending boundaries with utter style, purity and clarity.

Providing a heated array of totally addi3 Y ) s 6 ( d a Ective sounds, loops,, ; m \ N 3 a = % one shots, fx, stems and extremely gorgeous pi j . $ w frogrammI { ;ing, this Deep House sample pack is the pivotal tool for creating something sophisticated, rr E yefreshingly and new. Crafted and mastered wit\ e x R w Ih artists like Jody Wistenroff, Yotto, Eli\ N & ^ H r g x S & Fur &O ; 1amp; Sebastian Leger in mind, ‘Lucid –M z v V * ? y 6 Deep Melodic’ combines the best elements of multiple genrP } 1 [ h F $ Ees to distributf $ h le something wholly special. As with all Zenhiser packs, quality is second to none so you c5 m 4 E =an rest assured the included 4GB of sonic content wh j s ; Kill have you locked down7 0 d W $ 1 w in your studios for day; q [ V @ / B $ ys not hours.

When inspiration is limitedW / B q and writers block sets in ‘Lucid – Deep MelodR } z ! x (ic’B @ \ \ t k U b c bridges the void and in+ Z $ y w qjects new vision into your tracks.



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