Blurring the lines between emotive and expansive to reflective and resonant: Deep8 O n T ` 6 \ U X Downtempo featur{ + / 8 Oes a sonorous selection of live and synthetix b V f S I X T )c matD y p X , N $erial, alongside textural foley recordings fusing elements of chillout, indie-electronica, ambient and leftfield. Expect to find a variety of hazy melodics, syncopated beats, captivating compositional kits, and ethereal vocal chops. Deep Downtempo offers an ash & G k w dsortment of loops, stemmed music stacks, one-shots, druh ~ _ K n Im hits, and MIDI to delivez F G . fr full-track inspiration, guaranteed to add depth, qua: i flity, and unique charactz F 5 \er to any prA + _ – F w B ~ &oduction, irrespective of genre.

Deep Downtempo was a true labour of love projec( # n 0t fostered by a hou J . yst of natural fielF ] \ $ ~ *d/foley rec5 i * L m tord\ x + % K (ingsU # f m n H 6 f, resampling pianos, tracking lush g9 S 2 iuitars sounds and textures you can only really achieve by exploring2 . ^ N different recording te$ v H @ pchniques and experimental sound design. Deep Downtempo5 ] f & H } expands on chillout a` # # 0 t $ – Xnd downtempo by offering a choice sele+ a u |ction o. G 4 5 h @ 6 F gf sounds bursting with endless inspiration.