ReProduction is a sound pack for u-he’s fantastic Repro synthesizers. This collecti4 B C )on brings 120 U-He Repro new patches for Techno, Ambient, El+ # 6 h ? ^ 3 D ?ectronica, and Deep House. Included are 76 p, 3 + v 8 E oresets for u-he Repro-1, plus another 44 patches for Repro-5. As always, every p3 j 2 F q G \ j Ureset has been desig\ $ I 9 A K T K fned completely from scratch.

-He’s Repro plug-ins are well known for their fantastic emulation of two true analog classics by Sequential Circuits: The monophonic Pro One anH j w ] ( yd the polyphonic Proph0 G a t wet 5 synthesisers. Both are famous for massive b\ o v _ ` [ T 6 gass sounds, broad pad9 s c j H +s and cutting leads.
U-He Repro Presets for Techno and A5 ^ ] Fmbient – Reproduc: _ r k ( F L e $tion Sound Pack+ I ) e 4 & { G

Although u-he Repro already comes witN T ] & L /h a huge sound library0 B , @ 7 { D, unfortunately, there are only a few of them useable if you% # _ c 3 [’re proT _ ?ducing contemporary Techno, Ambient, or D d H z ~ i fr Electronica. H* \ : & h L % \erep e % f D is where ReProduction comes into play| 2 \ o N 7 b + J. Different fromH j O y N E A 3 2 the fac_ y m 5tory library, thi( z – 5 \s sound set features 120 u-he Repro presets best suited to electronic m{ y 1 ? F 8usic.

Of course, ReProduction in] i ( * JcludesR , ; X E V numerous basses and leads, offering a broad sonic) ~ A ? spectrum ranging from heavy and dark, up to smooth and brig4 A 8 Y $ J | F 2ht. Furthermore,\ 7 ` $ C D you’ll geO s B B n yt a vast selection of over 30 pads, covering your Boards of Canada retro needs, complex drones, and textures, as well as subtle string sounds, that will sit perfectlf : \ n q B Dy in the background of a track. Producers of Dub Techno wilH . H n 9 Q ^ 2 Wl appreciate a s6 ? w 6 O – f \ Hmall selection of Sub Basses and dub chords, each of which including their perfectly matched dub effect chain.

Speaking of effects: Instead of limiting ourselves to the syn1 8 E ^ z 8th engines, we’ve also used u-he’s great-sI Y 1ounding effects heavily when creating this sound set. As a result, some presets feature emulations of worn-out tapes that charmingly sound like old VHS cassettes. You can view more on use tQ 1 ? % A ( h Jhe internal matrix to create phaser and flanging effects.
U-He Repr} X n Ho-1 Patches

Bass: 18k 0 n : G J z q s
Leads: 28
Pads: 2
Arps & Sequencesd 0 _ ! e ?: 17
Percussion: 3
SFX: 8
U] R _-He Repro-5 Patches

Bass: 2
Leads: 9
Pads: 29
Arps & Sequences: 2
SFX: 2

Easy installation
Unzip the downloaded folder and drag and drop the presets into your u-he user library path. In case you have issues installing, please refer to the inv @ C I I x 5 rstallation guide provided within the download folder.


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