This professionally produced afro influenced percussion loops sample pack works in the genres Deep House, Organic House, Tech-House av H 5 p Y mnd Afro House.

We capture the vibe around labels like Bar25, Innervisions, Soln n F } \ v Selectas, Akbal Music and trueColors, just to name a few.

The percussion loops are between 110bpm a\ M A 5 O ^nd 125bpm in WAV format, which_ ^ U # } m p works in any DAW like Ableton, FL Studio, Cubase, Logic Pro or Bitwig.

You can find a kickdrum loop inside as well to build a fulT * O H $ #l afro house beat quickly. Layer th[ d v m l |e percussion loops on top and mix according to your taste. We recommend to ch7 L m U G E 6op up the samples to get moA F b 5 @ m Cre variations and even layer them on top of each other.

We work together with gifte) & T ,d musicians and producers around the world to provide highest quality sounds and samples to you.

Download contains:

51 x 24-bit Wav files –107MB

What’s Inside:

  • 50 Percussion Loops
  • 01 Kick Loop