This new collection by Little Bit is a deeper affair reflecting the sounds of the current afterhours club scen8 \ . I –e – offering more pristine sheenA F K and incisive complexity than ever.

Expect to hear deep, paddy texturw n n q yes to dark and moody melodics, grooi 0 k qving sub-heavy basslines to smokey synthetiw Y \ 8 p a { hcs,Y 5 Z c t i d chunky House beah h Vts, smo_ U % \ V A 0 ( Yoth SFX…

Afterhours House by Lj ^ z .ittle Bit supplies forward-thinking producers with an essential collection of fresh sounding aO Q [ C G N # E und up-2 u f } Q Y { Fto-the-minute sat 5 #mples to iO l rnspire your latest dance music productions.


62 Drum Loops
20 Percussion Loops
43 Synth Loops
37 Bass Loops
33 Fx
13 Background Sounds



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