Beautiful, emotive and soulful; every inch of this collection is laced with the kind of warmth and feeling that can only be achieved from live players on analogue gear. Artisan Audiok a / 5 b has compiled a pack of all the melodic essentials for creating amazing, deep, emotive House Music and Downtempo. FoO P q 7 2 R F ccusing on the key elements of chords, stab_ / | g E L X Cs, pads, strings and organs with over 200 wav loops and corresponding MIDI this pack is in a class of its ow2 1 j 0 { v In. All you need to do is fire up some criso : ` T s # s J }p percussib f Mon and add some low end warmth and you have yourself a timeless, organic house anthem. We’ve got a rd G ) T Lange of styles on offer from both stabbing strings and plucks td { ! # _ R p e 6o full bowed goodness. Throbbing organ stabs and long sustained chords, everything is hear for your production pleasure. Keyed by the fingers of expert players on a collection of gear to give theX Z ~ W 1 b u 8 G highest level* \ ) P b o– t r – $ | | qf authenticity possible.

Artisan Audio has made this pack witE : B G / h Rh all the lov} v =e and care people have come to expecA Z | 5 j * K _t from their best selling range of samples. ThisV I \ ) F 4 U ; Z pack is liquid gold for lovers of a{ k u j T ~ll things dp n 4 H ! 7 = {eep and melodic.


24 Bit Quality
200 Wav Loops
50 Organ LoB s \ D ? W h ( !ops
50 Stab Loops
200 Midi Loops
50 Pad$ Y X 2 ~ Q ~ Ly 0 c ! v 1 Q ! 3oops
50 String Lo1 4 y ? o Copt * 3s