Looking to push your musical creativity and get inspired
Advanced and intermediate producers, get in the studio wit/ . $ l 8h produceS e j ( ^ y { Ir tyDi as he makes a complete and original track from tn S 3 C % S ( ] she| p \ w x ground up. After watching this tutorial you will be able to implement tyDi’s proven w} , , h S ) xriting a] j V I M c o & Cnd prq Y + = [oduction methods into your tracks. Gain insight iL j c [nto his artistic process as h0 b P 6 ] + { . 4e creates and composes the track, sketching ideas and making quick, instinctive musical decisions. Watch and learn as he creates unique melodn # d L Z ,ies and chords, programs drum patterns, layers his sounds and chops up vocals. See how he creativelZ D r 2 d u 5y utilizes automation, manipulates audio and uses hr t % H X ^ a ]ir z Ss favourite mixing techniques to_ y ] = A % sculpt the track into oD t [ \ s U V nne that is engaging to the ear, emotionally impactf? n Q l 4ul, and sX ( ` fonically5 z * v y e ric9 | k l N G o x dh with tG 3 hhree-dimensional depth.

TyDi breaks ground in thim B * xs sef { X X m _ F c Bssion showing you not only his go-tt b \ { m ko tips and trick0 5 ; z A q U –s, but many spontaneous ideas that he came up with right on the spot. Getting this in-th3 D { 3 ge-moment perspective on how a truly creative mind works represents incredible vU s $alue for you as a producer.Q w 9 h Beyond the actual methods you will learn, you will get the experience of what creating an amazingb P y % \ y U B piece of music is actually like for tyDi; get a feel for how he keeps his momentum and builds a| 7 9 d u F I track fro. : ;mt i e V } start to finish.l H X $ 2 % Hours of struggle can be avoided by watchinh ) y X { y Wg a confident, experienced produz R 0 Rcer at work. One of our major goals we want for you to get out of thF ] C e k B ^is tutorial iso w ? to flow with your musical intuitio* m } | Kn and realize that one idea inspires the next as you will see. ThisW \ 4 immersive experience fromL A m x ` y O Q * tyDi cannot be found anywhere eu c @ ` : H ,lse. With so much to} ? | K + X D gain fromY Z D X this unique offering, you surely won’t want to miss out.

What you will learn in Studio S* J * ;e0 I W l [ @ssions wit1 2 _ u +h ty\ ~ tDi V.1:
1. Live, uj K ; * ~ @ U ^nscripted produ2 . a # K & * w gction of a track from start to finish
2. Melody and ChordO & C : writing
3. Creative experimentation with sound to achieve the right feel for the original inspirJ U } vation
4. tyDi’s favourite Waves compressor setting that typically uses when mixing his tracks
5.E z m 7 g Drum arrangement andf h K W = U S 3 o sample selection
6. Synth selection
7. Arrangement (tension, rel1 D % m Gease, musical cadence)
8. tV ( C y v / D SyDi’s tried and tested reverb settings to achieve three dimensional depth
9. Mixing
10. tyDi’s favourite tri6 H Cck to get elements sounding wi| U _de
11. His fac b { m bst and effortless Logic Pro X workflow
12. Mastering techniques

Host DAW: Logic Pro X

3rd party plugins used: Spectrasonics Omnisphi e [ & %ere, Reveal Audio Sp; = pire, East West Hollywood Strings, Waves C1, C1-SC and L2, Izotope Ozone 7, Izotope Stutter Edit, Valhalla Room, Valhalla Shimmer, Nexus 2, Dada Life S* O o m \ {ausage Fattener

This pU { H Q + \ !ack comes with:

– HD Tutorial Video in 1080p with hij k [ $ $ t 4 &gh quality audio
– BONUS: tyDi Sample Pc 8 l d 5 C ) $ack containing many of tR o n _ F n She sounds used in this track

Total run time: 4 hoy Q x u H r 2 b Curs 5 minutes

Tutor\ S : . ! cial by: tyDi

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