We present to you.. the world’s largest artist sample pack to date.. this pack will GUARANTEp | J 2 d E ; t 7E take your EDM production to the next level. This pack includes overS \ – o 18.5+ GB worth of project files, presets, midi, construction kits, sa6 % Y 8 Omples, and much more!

Introducing the world’s largest artist sample pack to date.. this pack includes:

Exclusive BL3R Sample Pack (4x M s n B R E00+ Samples)

  • Kicks
  • 808s
  • Snares
  • Cymbals
  • Drum Loops
  • Syf X Hnth Loops
  • Fills
  • Snaps
  • Toms
  • One Shots
  • Much more


  • 5+ Ableton FULL Project Files
  • Heat
  • Jumpoff
  • Pulsar
  • Beast Mode
  • Se7en
  • Bass Cannon
  • Mixer Strip Presets
  • MastO ( m f % f o mer Chain Presets


  • 11+ Construction Kits
  • Presets
  • MIDI Files
  • Mix Chains
  • Master Chains

TotalW * v ; P i m Content: 18.7+ GB

AB# P xOU. ? n \ 8 l { \T BL3R

“The last person to do thatt & ( X C . ` F b was Zedd” – on the remarkable feat by Phil Chang and Jon Ney winning their second official Beat port remix coz X ` / RmpetitR Y z n 4 ;ion … they continued to prove BL3R is a po2 t ? g K e swerhouse.

BL3R scored another Beatport Td w o 4 eop 10 with their monster Carnage collaboration ‘Jumpoff;’ hit the iTunes Da{ 6 znce USA Top 1. u O0 with t9 ! [heir face-ripping Gareth| h Q U b * ` Emery Remix, and released with aL 6 8 J b Lcclaimed labels including Spinn in’ Records, Sony, and Armada, to name a few.

MajorV O W DJ support for BL3e * p G 9R’s club facing b{ ] ( U G j C /lends reads like an Ultra Main-Stage fR D J ulyer: The Chainsmokers, HardweF % A ( all, Tiesto, Major Lazer,F k E Y G Dimitri Vegas, Gareth Emery, and many more.

Thf p b L T k h le` O ( – c d n H 9ir stagG M Qgering fanbase propelled them to an EDM.com #1, over 10 mill] Q e x _ | , } *ion cummulative plays on Soundcloud, over 115K followers on Facebook, and a merchandise launch which sold-out in a day.

The hype, is very real.

The world demands more, and BL3R refuses to slow down.


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