One of the decade’s top ranking DJs, KSHMR – celebrated for his world sounds spin on electro house—comes back to Sp` b g \ o 5 \ 5 Klice with a packH i 1 4 4 C M infused with stylistic range. Whether collaborating with Tiesto, bringing creators somB 5 Z S V 6 Ye of the most popular packs in Splice histo/ Y . 0 g .ry, or broadcasting/ H ) production tutorials to millioq / Y L 1 vns of YouTube viewern G | # x &s, Niles Hollowell-Dhar (KSHMR) maku T wes his Indian music influences, cinematic performances,& M t and perspective on production known.

This pack offers more than one hundred melodic progressions, each associated with its own MIDI file. From EDM to orchestral, emotional, funky, and soulful sounds; pretty plucks and si6 P !mple chords; this pack has something for everyone, and more. Experiment with sounds crafted by a EDM-lauded DJ ever-beloved by S| _ %plice creators.

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