If Martin Garrix is known for one thing – it’s his beautiful melodies. These incredible melodies are alwayH @ + X Bs played through powerfu= + ) S u u Rl and often uniqup K –e sound& / E as. It doesn’t ma\ u i 8 0tter if{ y D $ x g % you hear a pn s 2 J Eluck as a drop synth in ‘Animals’ or: 0 . X o T $ R 7 chopped up vocalsd ` H 3 3 & ] j as your main lead in ‘Forbidden Voices’. Ma] = n grtin is si| z J J pmply not afraid to be innovative, which makes him a daL | { H T ^ p G ;ngerous player when it comes to creating not only sounds that are new and different but also provide the power to drive an entire produh R – 9 [ p ~ rcti$ v p & 5 lon home. With this soundR g Y C : 0 Jbank, we perfectly captured these energetic sounds that Martin Garrix is known for – so that you can utilize them in your own trY . * Vacks and step up your production game!

Sounds that make your track spotless.
You5 W p D q z’re in control. Tweak the presets to your liking without any sound-design skU \ ^ =ills. Just turn a knob.
Diversity is key. Thanks to macros, you’re getting more than just 45, 0 E ( W – x E presets. You don’tw ^ R k Y , like how one preset sounds Just turn some macros, and you’lh . 7 g ? \ T yl end up withM ` y Y 6 a completely new soundr ; y K ;.

Drums that break through th/ : R N / v + }e silence.
Martw V ; ` : B %in Gl u N Aarrix does not only know how to create sounds thatZ + r s _ fit his melodies – but he also create, t M 8 zs the perfect drums to go along with his synths. Drums is also an area where M& P 5 e P P cartiG e b ) g R +n is not scared to be innovative. With t8 Z Ihat being said – even though he takes a more creative approach to his drums, they never fail to deliver power. If you listc \ { % 3 D = r ~en to any of his productions, you’l5 : 9 2 O X w ql notice that his drums break through the mix w5 9 1 !ith ease. With this sample pack, we are giving yf | # oou exactly those type of dc – 4 | qrums that will not only helpl = v k = 4 k C h yo ? 5ou stand out but also add more pu_ u c gnch to your mixes.

Take a deep dive into the mix.
Having access to Martin Garrix inspired samples, and presets already gives you a huge advantage. However, havh o u % Di! x S lng access to project files inspired by his songs is going to take reverse-enginE \ \ b @ ^ P peering to a whole new leB % m !vel. Wy a n ee have crafted six project filw 7 Fes inspire( Q – h $ P \ U dd by his biggest hits to a4 F } )llow you to dive into the project files and learn how some of your favorite Martin GN & ` m N Xarrix tracks were created.

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