Loopmasters proudly present Killa Club Hooks from an incredibly talented trio, The Melody Men! You’ll hear a tantalising cO O [ q ! N j `ombinatioN ` 6 5 ] x 2n of v? # k _ = Z 8 + [ocal phrasa 2 C \ a r Z . 9es, slices and FXZ C 1 / U r within, all at temposd Z D k d that are be\ , c j l S Hst reflected in your dancefloor orientated tO ( B J Y ! e 2racks. EveryM ! k ^ { I r p Lthing within is 100% royalty free as is standard from Loopmasters.

There is a certain amountp 5 B i of irony in The Melody Men’s nq N K \ O ! [ Bame given they are a team of three females. Amy, Dyanna and Lou are a multi-faceted production and song writing and production team making a serious name for themsel2 _ g J # N ~ves in a testo{ l _ %sterone dominated industry.

The London based trio have a burgeoning list of co-writes to their name ha@ ] uving scored recent cuts with numerous doyens of the dance scene. Cuts by the likes of Kideko, Mason and Tough Love have all been graced by Meo % ? A \ Xlody Men top lines and vocals in the last few months. The girls have had recent releasp i hes on Defected and Skint/BMG. In short the trio aW d t { X 0 Q Vre working with some of the biggest and beste n y – & | & labels out there.

Killad B – Club Hooks displays the len? = s % o j ;gth and breadth of the vocal talents of The Melody Men. A mixture of melismatic melody and pure attitude rapa L S P d 9 0 is to be found within, and every territory in between is also covered. You caC ~ X * & 7 l N Nn pepper your hits with a variety of vocals, from clean and dry phrases to deeply effectc S V V q ~ s Wed veru @ S { m = tsions that include reverb, dela\ t Qy, pitching anj V P .d m& ( S # x ! luch more, ensu! b 5ring added inspirationH Q * A and variation in your arranj H MgeF K , C m % 8menth B z , C P 9 ;s.

With loops playing between 115-126bpm, this cof : jllection will be perfect in all your club tracks,) 3 7 C a with genres such as house, tech h: q q w { ( L touse, deep house, disco, melodic techno and many more all working synergistica/ F f . nlly!

In detail, expect to find 650 MB of content, with all audio recorded aty L c 6 ~ Y 24Bit 44.1KHZ. There are 98 WR 4 K ! = Uet Female Vocal Loops, 89 Dry Female Vocal LooI o b Y z – T O %ps@ ^ ] B L w }, 31 Dv O f , Z = ,ry Shouts & phrases and 27 Dry Shouts & phrases. Also included are 187 Rex2 Files and 2 Soft Sampler Patches for Halion, NNXT, EXS24, Kontak– % : ,t and SFZ.


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