Guitars are some of the best real instrument that you can incorporate in modern productions, wh! O = e 4et7 v o { ) hher it’s Dance music, House, EDM, Pop, Trap or Hip-Hop, the sound of a guitar always finds its way to cut through the mix and adW s `d ch6 $ * c Naracter to the music, where mostW C ? ^ instrum% K h U D 2 ]entsX | c B | + can only serve either as support or lead elements, guitars can be soft and mellow or meF I I san and edgy.
Guitars add so much energy to your music as well as give warmth and soul, and if all of this wasn’t enough, they are great to fill up the spectrum and make your track sounds fuller.

The problem is unless you are a guitar player yourself, you have to spend a fair amouq u 8nt of money to find a player to record things for you,a f 1 not to mention scheduling a day and time that works for both of you, set us : [ Z C = S hp the recording, and all of this can be a turn-off.

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