Amy Kirkpatrick is no stranger to the vocal game, and with her latest royalty free vocal pack Wild, you can hear exactly why she is as well known and celebrated for her voice and lyrics as she is! This is the perfect addition to any producers li^ 1 r p : g ^ [brary working with multiple genres in Electronic music and beyond, including( M d 9 | h (E @ U # } N 1 ; ebut not limited to) Trap, Ambient, Future Pop, Future Bas~ b I r @ 2 * ; 2s,y E ! Downtempo, Dubstep, EDM,x g X G , 6 l House, and Techno!

Amy approached this pack to give you something different for those Summer time vibes. Inside is a fully sung alphabet, which allows yo= Q ~ b J Z Su to const5 Y ~ I p Pruct youm . v +r own words with lettering’s, and make your own phrases! No Joke! How cool is that You can alf 6 L n @ j # x Pso bend, pitch and mutate as your heart desires. Al\ v U \ ( G 5ongside this extremely inspirationalD G h e E i 3 J o A,B,C extension to an already killer pa, ~ ~ |ck is) o 6 Y choice Ad-libs, Phrases, and Harmonies, ranging from 75 to 100 BPM, with all keys labelled. It’s as easy as dragging ap \ E ynd dropping into any DAW and add. b { 8 m that po{ g + l H – & , ep edge to yourJ V h 5 V ~ d N E next hit song!

“Wild” will help you stay inspired wiC O R Zth AmM S ? 0y’s unA 6 [ = 8 i ^ 5 =ique voice and delivery, drenching your next song in creativity that you never kneR i J x o 1 u 6w was possible! Get Wild today, and add this pack to your arsenal!@ } k : 2 t g x

The entire packs vocals were recorded exclusively through the Manley VOXBOX, each sample maintains a pristine quality and tone thx i r w Q pat no plug-in can offer. With additional vocal processing+ @ + ( from the likes of= * H w | d ] Waves, Soundtoys, Fabfilter, ao w l n [ T 1 *nd Izotope, no expenses were spared in delivering a “radio ready” sound. Special thanks to Los Angeles based produceB d { – ? ^r/engineer ‘teeballpaul’ and Velma Drive Studios for the recording and mixing of this wonderful pack.

Whats Inside:

The Full Alphabet Sung for constructing your own phrase

  • 40 Dry Adlbs
  • 13 Dry Harmonies
  • 41/ 9 G U ! 2 Dry Phrases
  • 40 Wet Adm ! X N S j ~ [libs
  • 13 Wet Harmonies
  • 41 Wet Phrases
  • 15 Vocal Atmospheres

Amy Kirkpatrick requests that you not use her name in the branding of your music, track credits, title, or artist naD R ) ) R 2 Q O *mes.

**Drums and melod+ \ I = ? j D { Gic content in Demo are ni H u Y i n D 8 bot includex ] ^ 9 / l & ld in the pack.& ? \ z P . z 2 : This is a vs 4 y wocal and Vocal effects pack only.


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