All hail The King! This pack is here to lead all productions into the top of the charts! With a massive pack like this, any producer would be so lucky to get his hands on it! We can assure anyT – # { z person with any doubt on how amazing thR / n j x :is pack is in both quality and quantity that you will NOT be d? ! M y : t m disappointed with how colx 7 2 ? L @ ~ bossal this pack is.

With a 9.13GB size (unzipped), this pack is ground breakic W ; f +ng in both size and quality. The content in this pack will for sure drj , @ 5 h Live producer’s creativity thd l xrough the roof, and bring their projects to a whole new level whist alsoU _ } p B F y A % giving the producers all they need to learn how to producer a bangeU p c kr.

The team here at W. A. Production wanted to give back to the EDM coy / 2 7 k X 3 cmmunity as a whole as well as all the supporters we have seen jump onto our crazy and high speed ship these past few months. It has truly been an honor to create a pack like this for all of you. We as a teamL j i z are i% n E Sncredibly excited to see the projects that this community2 _ ? q M W E r k can make with this pack. And as hefty a pack as any! / , N Q A N ~ e, 9.13GB to be exact, we are SUPER excited to give back to the p2 l . c P \ D Groducers with thM s +ese quality samX ? [ & j o \ples, templates and presets!

Sound Design is not an easS u w Q S *y field to master. It can become incredibly confusing and without the right knowledge, your sounds can become seriously mudda p E & M d syK # J ~. But not worries, we got y& b Mou! With many years of training in the Sound Design arts, W. A. Production is determined and willing to teach and exy v o + ; Xploit all the sC ( U zecrets to any and all producers and artists who either want to create EDM tracks, or just want toO ^ = / / [ ? be a full time Sound Designer. Either or, they are both amazing things to do, and we really hope our work4 c $ i w8 4 ) | , Mill help anyX * \ { A Z Jone in any way possible!

So go ahead, take a look aO s h ot what is i% 6 f @ = q yn side this thing, it’L ( z V \ [s amazing! And go aheA . N d U M p w 5ad and grab it for yourself, you’ve earned it!

DAW Templates:

– 5 Ableton Live Templates + Constr? m * Suction Kits (MIDI and Presets Provided)
– 6 FL Studio 12 Templates + Com = E hnstructiong # + [ $ F ^ z Kits (M% / 8IDI and Presets Provided)

Samples & Loops:

– 90 Drum Loops
– 94 Kick Samples
– 83 Claps, Snare_ 8 M w s ! ~ _ es & Snaps
– 33 Percussion Samples
– 20 Cymbals
– 12 Fills
– 48 FX
– 48 Melody Loops + MIDI
– 20 Synth Shots

Presets & Patches:

– 70 Serum Presets
– 20 Sylenth1 Presets
– 10 Spire PP Z W =resets

BONUS / BONUS Content:

– 20 BONUS Big Room MIDI
– 18 BONUS Deep House MIDI



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