What would you put in your PERFECT Serum pack? This is the questions we asked thousands of producers to find the exact formula to make the most revolutionary pack we’ve ever created, Helix for Xfer Serum.

► Here’s hD A t now we did it:

1. We included sounds NO ONE h? I Fas ever^ \ N i { N O C heard before. There’s nothing but cutting edge presets created by fusing together different genres, adding cinematic and edgy elements, and capt4 q r curing the textures and tones of legends like Flume.

2. We stocked Helix FULL with MELODIC sounds wy & z 5 r , g Jhich is why we took inspira1 a m R e +tion from artists like Porter Robinson, Madeon, Illenium, and% j c ( { . + : b Sevx . i . t D q –en Lions. We were especially` : J W i Z + ; x impressed with how these artists bring so much emotion to their songs using beautiful sounds and melodies and wanted to capc v \ b 5 : r \ oture that same feeling with Helix.

3. We crafted Helix to be the mostU L b p VERSATIb # K | S YLE pack we’ve ever created. Because of that, every producer from Future Bass to heavy Dubstep can find this pack super effective.

And since these features were the exact ones our community demand5 ? J _ K [ –ed, Helix gained a ridiculous amount of momentum early on, and finally resulted in us releasing 600 copies early. To be honest, this was the least we could do aftr 1 x k ! s Per so many members of our community took the time out to their day to give us their input o\ 3 \ Dn Helix.

Now…Are you ready to hear what Helix’s presets s@ M L 7 Aound like?


Flume & Illenium Style Chord Synths: The sounds producers were demanding more than anything wereI [ 3 ? # a E K 9 different Future Bass/Melodic Synt; J p I bhs similar to artists like FD U K C i L (lume, Illenium, Madeon, Porter Robif K \ ` n V : C [nson and Louis the Child. That’s wh5 Y 0 ( V D \ l Ay we included a wide variety of synths that are strong enough to stand on their own AND can also create entirely new synths when layered together.

Airy, Warm & Atmospheric Pads That Add Em4 E r 9 q J 0 Botion to Your Songs: Have you ever tried to express a specific emotion through your tracks but couldn’t: % Z 7 ^ N / fin@ ( h F H s Nd the exact_ y m C h pads to do tY E 1 Yhe job?n e ^ d 7 s Well, after studying the artists who do it best, like ODESZA & Seven Lions, we ended up creating some really lush, warm pads that gi& w x % = ) #ve your songs deep, emotional,R Z D ; B y and almost nostalgic feelings.

Organic, Thick, & Unique Plucks9 r e & X for ANY Occasion: I was eZ X i = K &xtremely surprised to hear that so many produ} k x l T ` T ( Bcers could barely find any quality pluckK 9 T A + l T Rs, so we spent weeks bui{ a ` k / alding a HUGE catalog of plucks for Helix. Some are built\ ; y = ) z with organic textures that add in! y h K ~teresting characteristics to the bS X i G tackground of yourC b S r | ? D 0 so^ 3 @ngs, and: p _ others are designed t! U Y P l { Zo be thick, solid synths that you could use for drop melodies.

Keys to Help You Build Memorable Melodies: The melody is the crucial part of your song that tells the story. To make sure you’re equipped with th$ K W ^ V | O se right set of keys for your tracks, we’ve modeled these presets after the sounds of artists like Flum$ { 3 =e, Porter Robinso1 { g C | 3n and Louis the Child.

Marshmello & Flume Style Basses Perfect fp m L xor Creating Heavy, Yet Gritty Low End: Lately there’s been a lot of producers who have stopped using just a basic sub for their low end, because it’s starting to get boring and r/ o 6 %epeti+ & # n \tive. ThaD ) l , n D .t’s] D 7 Y L + why we stE L j k xriQ + z :ved for a style similar to Marshmello anX o c q D X p =d Flume who always give their low end a gritty texture that adds way more characV u ` )ter to their songs1 H h N Y e 3.

Complex Arps That Sound Absolutely Incredb t aible. Almost every big artist uses arps to add ene~ M p nrgy, create v` T 3ibes, or spice uM t } * s h \p a drop. That’s why we created a gorgeous set o\ # Kf arps for your tracks using the most advanced technique$ X T ts with LFOs. We could attempt tq E qo describe these arpI + F % ) W , $ zs, but the best way to uncover their bri3 @ P F y ) ~ 6 Elliance is by simply holding down one key. You’ll be in awe of wh| 8 $ M /at happens nF P p L c aext and ths Y T 9 E Den eager to add these beautiful melodic patches to your track.

Advanced Sequence Patches that Create Entire Melodies With Just One Note: These patches will teach you tons of knowledge about sound design when you reverse engineer them. This is because these ai f 4 K O v 2 d mre easily the most difficult patches but also the most complex to create. Once you reverse engineer these you’ll get a deeper understanding of each patch, and will have learned hunz N v 9 zdreds of different sound design tricks from doing so.

Incredible Vocal Patches Inspired by DJ Snake’s Drop Mes | | { E 7 j ulodies:A v I r j t H s DJ SK * 4 lnake has some of the catchiest vocal chops in EDM. After studying a few of his songs{ D [ – a . * n, we were inspired tl K X H \ j o (o create a similar style of vocal leadsE | u m [ T c in Serum using a couple of secret soundd ] | ! * design tricks.

Cymatics Helix Essential Ex! K U 4 epansion for Serum

Wix ~ \ w X E g :th an extra 80 basses, leads, plucks,a I R z g R | n pads, and more, your creative po` Q i , @ h = . pssibilities will nearly double. The amazing part about Helix is that every single4 r Q s R patch is so usable. So,V m : N ? k A ( r by adding in this expansioL . : J a : z %n to your arsenal, you’ll have a huge variety of] b j p ~ Z M W go-to sounds. The minute you get this expansion, you’ll immediate* Y + D A { p \ly wan( 8 @ * o ] ht to dissect and implement these cutting edge, melodic patch and techniques into youR @ e ` n P ur tracks.

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