Need to give a mainstage performance? Don’t just stop at the top, go over the top, festival styJ * Hle with EDM Festival Spirits from Big EDM. This mega monster pack is str 3 2 u I I ( W po| [ 2 +cked, loaded and ready with 8 Construction Kits that include the] S [ 9 o R @ 8 FL Studio Project Files with WAV/MIDI and Presets. Don’t have FL Studio? No problem. Each kit has been broken down into stems that you can slice,s 5 Z n H Z dice, mix and manipulate. Want to expand your creativity outside of the kit? Choose f6 h } From additional one hits, fx, melodies and presets that we have included.

From this pack, you can expect to find every s& Z 9 f Nong et G 2 % % ~ x 3lement you nee. J \ o 3 Q Q ` #d. Leads that actually lead% } & $ H Y ^ (, plucL ] K ! e B 2 ! !ks, wobbles, reverse vocal stabs, snare rolls, builds and fills, tension builders (pr# i he-l b V # gdrop), explosive dr9 [ [ e @ n j _ Hops, energet; N ( 6 8 ` [ic drum patterns that pump, pound and shake the ground. And beK F s d ]cause it’s inspired by festival sounds and artists, you can use th_ R iis pack to create almof U , ; g q Est any subgenre of EDMi j m D R Q 6 d B.

FestivO F S aal perfor7 P L 0 # | Jmers break out= n / K the big guns, theiC P g J v } y 2 Ar best sounds that take a show and turn it into an experience. We’ve captured that momentum, that clarity and that pU 3 * 6 verfect delivery of what m` q a : D , x 5 Gakes every sound larE h \ : Qger than life.n b B e X Why take a chance on sounds that may or may noy m N Kt sound just as good at an open-air festival as tK y v ,he4 0 O G s @y do in headphones? Go with a nameN p – ! U $ you can trust+ u y Z o 5 = h and sounds that never fall flatI C D 3 N } D 5. Pick up Festival Spi7 * W P V q g ~ Brits fa D 0 w lrom Big EDM.

Our audio sa* ^ N kmple packs are created by experienced sound design professionals. Our goal is to provide you with the most unique and innovative sounds w* X T Vith our highest regard for quality.

This pack includes:

  • 8 ConstrucQ [ A 6 ]tion Kits (+ Presets, MIDI & FLP)
  • 25 Melody Loops (+ MIDI)
  • 8 Kicks
  • 30 FX
  • 21 Cymbals
  • 21 Claps and Snares
  • 8 Percussion Loops
  • 54 Serum PreseO v Q : \ % 9 4ts
  • 34 Sylenthf L i l q H t |1 Presets
  • 34 Spire Presets
  • 100% Royalty Free



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