‘Future EDM Vocals’ by Big EDM is a Future House sample pack based on five Construction Kits centered around EDM vocals and inspired by the sound of labels like Revealed Recordings, Spinni5 h E u q }n, Armada, Protocol, and Monstercat. Each kitS 3 ( % m 2 cont: D ) ; \ains a vocal track broken down into intro, verse, chorus, build, drop, and wet/dry vocal stems combined with the lateO e J @ n 1 . w lst sounds in EDM. The male vocals included are loaded with personality and attitude, giving you a variety of vocal styles that range from melodic[ O H, powerful, and upbeat. Each kit is in its own respective key ane S & ] | # N yd covers a range of tempos from 124 to 128 BPM.
Inside of this awesome pack iJ l ! $ c @ 2 r Ws 5 construction kits.

Each constrS O s : Huction kit has 1 completed track that has been broke\ h G an down into several pieces such as intro, verse, chorus, build, drop, wet/dry vocal track and then brokenr P G down b7 m \ V ( hy each instrument/sound.

This is where you come in and reconstruct your own track with the tools included in each kit.

You can slic. ! q +e it, dice it, and rework it howeverr I K [ 7 C _ \ you want* o n.

Inspired by artists yo3 H \ | E Y 2 P Su’d find on labe# D M Q + v ? Vls: ? i y _ 6 l Y like Revealed Recordings, Spinnin, Ar\ i _ * J % & k 1mada, Protocol, and Monstercat, we are giving you our signature top-notch quality combined with the latest sounds and techniquesF T w i in EDM audio production.

There is no doubt your final mix is going to turn heads and fill the floor

The+ – j i z w mat v C ] m } Dle vocals included in Future EDM Vocals from Big EDM are loaded: : X u with personality and attitude.

GE o Piving you a vaj J kriety of vocal styles that range from melodic,V Z l ^ Y ! , ! powerful, upbeat, and even some served with a hip-hop flavor.

You will also get a lyric sheet included with each kit.

Pump it up with our high energy build-upK b n ys, sharp synth leads, amazing bass lines, punchy kicks and compositions that you can’t get anj C ( =ywhere else.

Each kit is in its own respective key and spans a range of 124-128bpm.

With over 4GB of WAV audio loops broken down into stems and MIX ` c jD sequences, you are going to enjoy re4 v I Tco} 1 0 . ; s 8 ! _nstructing and finalizing your visio+ u s R j 8 ( # Tn.

Lead the way to the future of EDM with Future EDM vocals from Big EDM.

Compatibility: Tx ) c m N U ahis construction k? b – :it is compatible with any DAW that can import the use of WAV audio samples and MIDI sequences.

This pack contains the following:

  • 5 Cons: i f = utruction Kits (+ MIDI)
  • 80 Vocal Loops
  • 100% Royal5 – A sty-Free



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