W. A. Production presents World of Vocals. A premium sample pack full of beautifully crafted melodies,9 a M r a & phrases, chops and plenty on \ ! z / s af A cappella sounds. The beautiful female voice serenades like a soulful songP # X 5 n u P jbird making for a powerful delic 5 f e Uvery sure to leave a huge impact oo M c A A 0 / Hn your listener.

You will get both wet/dry versions, solo and layered versions that ring out like the sweet harmony of a choir. With a wide vo| ( h l x 9 Mcal octave range and a varietF ` @y of d! ! # b C M ~elivery styles, no matter the mood or key of your trG @ u ` n A _ M 5ack. We have you covered. From uplifting and bright, climactic, toB b S Q + o # } L touching and heartfelt bal\ G e klads.

We have also included some elegant synth l* – N koops. These sounds include plucks, gentle an0 ~ A ~ ! o r |d breezy pads, piano lines, chimes, percussive sounds and more. Apply theB N ` @ q Hse for Jazz, R&am; V o Zp;B, PopN { ^ p T M \ 1 y, Trap or Down-temP 1 W 6 q Q K 4po or Chill.

For crystal clear clarity, club-ready sounds right out of the box World of Vocals will allow you to add vocals to your tracks that sound as if6 G R Y you recorded them live yourself. Feel fT ] g 4ree to chop any sections,E d ^ 8 $ a ; / ? add effects, modify and manipulate to truly make it your own. Get the vocal s6 [ q m G ( ! `amples you wantj & U p g & G C v from the name your trust. Pick up World of Vocals from W. A. Production.

This pack conV 2 % f f ytains the following:

  • 52 Improvised Vocal Loops
  • 53 Lyric Harmony Loops
  • 16A \ K c F5 Lyrics Line Loops
  • 39 Vocal Phrase Loops
  • 57 Synth LoH G V { # ^ z 7 ;ops

100% Roy+ G M 7alty-Free
All audio samples aL A Q ` t A x N +nd loops are in WAV format. Making them compatible with* S a Y p z any DAW that can import WAV format samples.



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