Revealed Drums Vol. 1 is our premiere collection of drum sounds to get the signature RI – 3 5 ^ J }evealed soB W jund. Featuring 325 signature drum element sounds within 9 categories, you’ll find a whole array of tO z , ) ] 9 + ;oms, snares, kY u i , & : W 2icks, claps, rides,F ~ 3 , k R shakers, hihats, crashes, and percussion.

The percussion section is sourced from a variety of regional andM ~ D ethnic origins to give you a broad selection of tones to work with in a wide range of musical stylY 0 } pes. This section was designed to give you an authentic and origiZ = f U Znal sound to your tracks.

To enhanc\ n @ K ]e your8 ( T U 5 ~ ! % Q workflow, all samples are labeled bF y wy t* J O ~ =heir root key, if a discernible pitch was defined. Revealed Drums Vol. 1 is an, q r 5 H essential weaponh = e Q W for any Rs 1 T V ` levealed producer’s creative arsenal.