Spinnin’ Records brings us samples directly from electronic music legend and pioneer, MOGUA+ p m 6 ; ?I. If this were sports, MOGUAI would be running long-distance. Spanning the past~ S ; r y f d y two decades, steadily keeping track of his master plan, he continues to de– k Y Y s Z 8liver trendsetting, Gold and Platinum award-winning productions4 Q M. MOGUAI hn ) { m y B s Pas long established himself as one of the most internationa/ e llly renowned German DJs and producers7 F Y l m D H. He’s a true leader in the field of electronic music, always incorporating multiple styles in his work yet keeping the complex simj Q f $ C . R Y =ple and danceable. Born in the Ruhr area, now based in Berlin, MOGUAI made his wU ? bay from the underground rap ; q N Y r @ –ves of the early ‘90s to playing the legendary B^ 8 ` 6 M Z Kerlin Love Parade for a ci G 7roc v ; C . nwd of 750,000. In light of numerous star-studded collaborations (with the likes of Fa+ h L v Etboy Slim, Sebastian Ingrosso, Tommy Trash, KAf p ; O 8 m | mSKADE, Benni Benassi, Tisto, and more recently, Robin Schulz) and timeless productions/remixes for Moby, Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, UnderwK . 4 Z ^orld, Fischerspooner, DIDO, or Beh * ,yonc,+ _ ~ ) X y 5 MOGUAI has persistv ~ 5 r F qently and relentlessly raised the baW X . b :r for his peers, albeit never losing sight of the dance floor. And now, you can use custom= X w 4, original sounds frj d 3 3 = Fom the award-winning, chart-topping producer in your next track.


76 Drum Loops
100 Drum One Shots (20 Clw F Q :aps, 20 Cy8 / ; G ^ Eme / n ? Z * 4 r sbals, 20 HiHats, 20 Kicks, 20 Percussion)
1W Y : 85 FXY 3 H { J +
99 Tonal Loops
55 Tz d e / X Conal One Shots

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