Revealed Fills Vol. 3 is a collection of tools designed to fill in the gaps to make your tracks s* m ^ound full and coms S | S = d 5plete.

F, ` 8 = L L _rom aB D , d t O F ; variety of drum fills, synth fills, tom fills, and fill hits;F , % g Revealed Fills Vol. 3 will give your tracks a complete and polished edge.

Reveal Yourself.

Revealed Fills Vol. 3 – Details

DRUM FILLS [128 BPM] [26 samples]
ACOUSTI4 k 0 l k H `C FILLS [128 BPM] [9 samples]
SYNTH FILLS [128 BPM] [5 samples]
TOM FILLS [128 BPM] [5 samples]
FILL HITS [128 BPM] [5 samples]

50 samples
All sounds with discernible pitch labeled with exact Key
Format(s): 48Khz / 24Bit Stereo PCM .wav files