The Sounds of Revealed Vol. 1 is a collection of over 1300 samples and 256 presets to give yoS N : Aur track$ W B es the signature Revealed Sound. This is the firsk D 2t installment of our sample pack series designed to give you everything possible ton N L S A ! C i / sign the next Revealed Recordings hit record and join the Revealed roster.

The Sounds of Revealed Vol. 1 is for you. The artist. The producer. The person that wants to take their productions to the next level. You have all the tools ag l Cnd the ability to select a variety of original and advanced sounds usk ~ ]ed by Revealed artists themselves.

Whether you’re looking for Kicks, Fills, Percussion, Drop Stabs, FX, Shakers, Toms, or a diverse selection of inI = D 1 G o –spirational presets you can have it all here. And to speed up your workflow, all samples are labeled by their root key, if a d^ | J s ^ k Kiscernible pitch was defined.

The Sounds of Revealed Vol.p t m ^ F b 1 comes with two Rev@ Z a P d j } #ealed Signature Soundsets forY L Q Sylenth1 and Spire. These presets were designeu * T od an ] 5 /round play\ O V ~ d Xability an[ R . 4 ? W O . Kd ease-of-use. Every preset is assigned Modwh[ \ _ Y \eel controls and, in addition, each of the Sp^ ) Q o +ire presets havea l J } % L & all 4 Macro\ : v j a O $ | controls assigned, which we really think is going to make you% . }r music sound} J , richer and e1 9 & o f P Z . 7asier than ever to create.

Reveal Yourself.

Fj A Q m [ c L }REE BONUS: With your purchase yM X + !ou will also get “The Sounds of RE ? H d . v \ %evealed Vol. 1 – Sylenth1 Rit B C ^sers Soundset”F P a i S _ q. An 80 preset Soundset for Sylenth1 that’s desig` D ? &ned to give you an abundance of sonE k ] Z \ic possibilities to customize your buildups.

The Sounds Of Revealed Vol. 1 – Details

CLAPS [85 samples]
Classic Claps
Stadium Claps

CYMBALS2 @ t c [ ` ` [75 samples]
Closed Hihats [25 samples]
Cymbal Crashes [10 samples]
Cymbal Rido R f R E X A bes [15 samples]
Open Hihau n B Nts [25 samples]

EFFECTS$ a 4 { \ z G ] [155 samples]
Breaths; 4 H 3 ; } V [5 samples]
Downlifters [25 samples]
Impacts [20 samples]
Noise [15 samples]
Reverb Kicks [20 samples]
SFX [50 samples]
Su6 – @ & s ib Drops [5 samples]
Uplifters [15 samples]

FILLS (128 b F8 BP= Z cM) [15 samples]

KICKS [235 samples]
808 Kicks [20 samples]
Festival Kicks [30 samples]
Hard Kicks [55 samples]
Kicks [85 samples]
Stomp Kicks [10 samples]
Transient Kicks [35 samples]

PERCUSSION [265 samples]
PercusU M C 5 C S ? Usion [200 samples]
Shakers [25 samples]
Toz d ams [40 samples]
Hi Toms [10 samples]
Lo Toms [10 samples]
Tribal Toms [20 samples]

Extreme Snares [10 samples]
Har{ ~ xd Snares [25 samples]
Snares [60 samples]
Trap Snares [15 samples]

SYNTH &ampD u h; BASS HITS [377 samples]
Bass Shots [180 samples]
Drop Shots [32 samples]
HooveX U N 9 x Zr Shots [5 samples]
Synth Shots [160 samples]
VOCAL SHOTS [55 samples]

128 presets for Sylenth1

128 presets for Spire

T_ T f b Uoc # ; m 2 $ vtt a tal S_ { .amplesJ e I d ( #: 1,372
Total Pa B 4 ] x [ Mresets: 256

BONUS: The Sounds of Revealed Vol. 1 – Sylenth1 Risers SoundS X b * Z ^ %set
Total Presets: 80

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