Boom! Did you finish your summer track
Are you out of ideas and inspiration Don’t worry we got you cover. Big Sounds presents the new summer sa` ^ @ ] 4 , – `mple pack called Summer House Vocals.
Big Sounds SummeL x 6 v A w F Or Hous& r # $ 2 5 m z |e Vocals is here to help you forn y Z ^ take your track to thn k 3 – )e nexA : u 3 v & d L &t level.

This sample pack has everything for helping you to add this summer modern sound i$ \ 7n your tracks.
Inspired by artist like Don Diablo, EDX, Leandro DF { E ; r i i ( Ea Silva, Mike Williams, David Guetta and others.

Inside you will find 6 comU s % Tplete stem Kits, offering the greatest tools and source of inspiration for your summer music proe t A c Y Wductions. All stems wavs and Midi Files such as Piano, Top Melodies, Leads, Chop Vocals, Acapella Vocals, Bass, Drums and Mixed Fx’s are included with each kit for ultimate flexibiliz A & Gty.

Just drop the stems into your0 _ Z & n DAW and you will have in no time something to work and to finish fa– t : gst your track. All of the kits are keyN O F k x I r and tempo labelled and are de) J 4 Vlivered as 24bit WAV file.
Also included the Sylenth, Spire and Massive presets that w~ Z 1e used to create this pack.

Everythg & 9 1 ~ ling you get is RoyaltyR , Y % w s q Free!
Buy once and use in any of your projects in& A W @ 3 ^ m / as ma( j 5 8 # 9 $ $ }ny comb{ n ] Winations as you want.
Compatible with all DAWs and usable in more projects and genres than you can
imaginR F ^ ( 4 \ pe.

Plea_ E :sey { N 7 ` d Note: For synth pq b # F Y X }resets is required Sylenth 3.0.3, Spire 1.1.12 and Massive 1.4 or hJ B g E D Kigher versionW , Z ) % W , #s.


6x Stems Con{ ( – F K lstruction Kits
86x Stem Files
11x Massive Presets
2K B 8 4 Tx Spire Presets
4x Sylenth Presets
3x Acapella Vocals DrG W @ %y Version
3x Acapella Vocals Wet Version
39x Mi\ / T \ / # y 1di Files

听一听Dema – T ~ s B Lo: