Spice up your music tracks with Indian Ad-Libs Vocals. Totally original and professional recording ad libs vocals as , o b W X h & &re suitable fob X 8 H 5 g c 8r Psychedelic Trant M +ce, EDM and more. All recordings are mG o e lade at 128bpm.

Inside the pack you will find 50 Dry and 50 Wet vocals. Everything is clearly labelled and in key and ready to be use in your music compositioa N / ? g h ] * 0ns.

Drag and drop the wet vocals to your project or use the dry vocals to add your own fxx & x P r l | !. You can use alsoI 6 \ ] ( r v \ the vocal% M k \ ^ j g . ks by cho2 7 B | x e q Cp them down and create small samples for create new melody ideas.

What’s moreK A p D k x –, everything you get is Royalty-Free! Buy once and use in any of your projects in as many combinations as you want. Compatible with all DAWs.


50 Dry Ad-L, W 2 @ibs
50 Wet Ad-Libs

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