‘Chill Pop Vocals’ by Tunecraft is suitable for a wide variety of genres like modern Pop, EDM, Chiz 0 = 8 ]llwave and Future BaD / ^ * H z 7 vss. The collection of vocal loops was inspired by artists like Odesza, Petit Biscuit, Illenium, Grey, DJ Snake and other genrex 1 = F-le V g O a O W : qeading artists.

Sessi: t m g ;on vocalists created this comprehensive collection of delicate melodic vocal phrases ready to brinH r L Ng your] T 5 a ~ n tracks to the next leveO b i h ] d 3 f 7l. Each loop has been edited and pitched carew I / Ifully to get the cleanest andN w o * most professional sounding files as possible – wQ M o y z g 2 Z aith no clicks or undV M 4 } % & c Eeo X m q U p Osired artifactp U T 1 i 0s.

They come in both dry & wet versions for maximum flexibility, and are key & tempo labelled for ease of use during your session.

Tunecraft also went the extra mile and included a collection of sK K r S 7 ;ynthesised, haY : frmonised, vocoded or manipul1 P P ) $ 0 Q mated vocals, as well as some bonus audio and MIDI files that will match the vocal phrases peE _ \ # G 4rfectly and provide more creative possibilities at no extra cost.


25 Wet Vocal Loops
25 Dry Vocal Loops
1Y % J X 2 9 :0 Synthes. J ( fised Vocal Loops
10 Harmonised VocT X P b Pal Loops
10 Corresponding MIDI Chord Progressions
162 K X ] F S , ) Bon| [ – f 1 M !us Loow J * 2 O .ps
24-Bit AuK W K | 8 \ R \dio Quality
Key & Tempo Labelled
95-152 BPM
Compat: _ D O ) # X [ Lible with any DAW
Multigenh q Y w G ? G Dre
100% Royalty-Free