Are you looking to boost your melodic energy and uplifting sounds to a whole new level, then this is definitely the pack for you. Crossing multiple genres including EDM, Future Bass, Progressive House, Tropical House, Dubst7 j Bep & H; [ z 9 w / ] Douse th2 T S iis unforgettable collection of samples & loops delivers everythC O sing you need to elevate your tracks to blissful heights of epic proportions.

Consisting of 20 expertly produced song starters, Heavenly Melodic Tools sun soaked, upfront energy is designed to inject instant arousal to any& n R ^ % track you are currently working on. With all individuaq V P 5 $ gl stems included plus a full mix to showcase the full potential of this sample pa? l \ ]ck, you can guarantee writers block willw = 2 L be a thing of the past. Midi is also included as standard plus with a broad mix of genres eloquently covered this eclectic collection will take pride of place in your studio sam^ 3 J 1 # ; * z Vple library. Sometimes1 ~ & @ 0 / 5 e a sample pack has: V K P i h to be truly refrev b C = f l fsh1 j m | i p l :ing, instantly kickstart your musicalA = ? T 0 u i T mind whilst delving8 Q B @ intoL O s h F u 8 5 $ a cloud nine state of heavenly euphorZ p S F R \ . G Iia, Hec M [ O savenly Melodic Tools doe? n a h F /s this at a legendary scale.

This auditory dose of positive eH n Znergy is 100% royalty free, avai= f Glable in 24-Bit Wav and ready for immediatX K v F f g r fe download. All sounds and loops within the sample pack contain bpm and key information within the file name, tempo of loops range from 85bpm – 160bpm with everything wrapped in Zenhiser’s enchanted goodnd * [ i t _ $essp L / n f ( C l 6.

20 Full Songs / Stem Ky a M / X y U Yits – Includes stems for Basslines, Drops, Drums, M{ O X jelodies, FX, Instrument2 . 3 I u b U ms and more
Midi Files – 250

Files – Audio: 356
BPM Range – 85bpm – 160bpm
Unzip Size – 7.8 GB
Zip Size: 3.4 GBf / v D o D