EDM Remix Tools is an essential set of contemporary tools for starting and completing effectx N ( %ive floor fiB ! +lling remixes. The idea is to give you a solid foundation of sounds that will fit almost any situation, now and in the future. EDM Remix Tools will1 ` Q s bN ` . F 6 Ke a useful add on to your existing loop collection as well as a strong stan5 P W } } j p 8 2d alone package. I8 H wt’s good for producing the many sub genres of Four On The Floor EDM in[ $ O U B 3cluding but( X 7 z = f # not limited to E9 S e m P / {lectro House, Progressive House, Techno, and Top 40 Dance. Categories includ. S L ) ; S g Ce Mixed Beats, Complextro Synths, Side Chained Basses, Org9 [ [ & 9ans, Pads, SFX, Hard BasseL a X K S As, Hard Chords, Triplet Synthso 4 + ) y ;, Leads, Kick Drums, Beat Tops, Percussion, Hi Hats, C+ r S F s + C D glaps, and much more. Each sound will fit perfectly in your mix and will give you a professional sound with little ef$ u 5 k 2fort.

Produced by Jason Donnelly (Dj PuzzleL F ! , M ] s), one of the world’s most prolific loop producers. Ja6 k % `son has produced tens of thousands of loq m C o d 4 Qops in various genres for labels Sony Creative, Loopm+ { } O 4 – 4 easters, Peace Love Productions, Sound Trends, Acoustica, Xmix, and Soundtrack Loops. He is also a producer of library music for TV, Film, and vc = T ) p # Rideo games. 318 loops, 111 Drum one-shots, and 55 synth shots. Tempo and key info is in the meta tags as well as in the file names.

* Other Genres thB s _ + s t fat this package may be useful in:

  • Trance
  • Ele8 G E 8 ? G Y Bctro House