‘Vocal Kits Vol 4’ by Prune Loops is the next volume in this series that aims to make produx – N q ;ctionS m B 0 as easy and as effective as possible. A four Construction KG ( r v Rit pacH Y ( + x 6 ~ I [k, this volume is full of awesome guitar riffs, pianos and catchy Pop vocals, creating custom melodies a~ J [ X M , 4 V Hnd ideas that will get your production flowing.
This product provides real electric guitars and pianos alongside maleS p ) ! E & female vocals with the flexibR p ) – x M Gility of MIDI files as well as the simplicity of preview demos – a stepping stone for what you can achieve with this product. Ju\ _ Qst drag & drop all the organic elements of each Constre i H s & wuction Kit into your DAW and use the MIDI files to freely build aroug _ ; f n i pnd your own ideas.

All sounds h4 d +ave been processed and edited using professional, award-winning UAD plugin software, to add some more analogueH V , 2 warmth.

Product Details:

– 43 WAV InsQ 1 } d 9 5trument Stems
– 20 MIDI Instrument Stems
– Kicks, Snares, BasslinI f q + w C , L $es, Pianos, Guitars, FX, Sy: c J i o J 8 6nths & More
– 44.1kHz/24-Bit/16-Bit WAV
– 100% Royalty-Free