Knob Control presents Prog House Control – Massive Soundset, an irresistible collection of presets for Massive VST synth!

Prog House Control – Massive Soundsee X I 2 I g K @t brings you a selection of compelling, dancefloor driven sounds f\ % `or all producers of House, Progressive House, Tech House & EDM.

IncludI k , Hed are 100 royalty-free presets that explore the amazing range of sonic possibilites that a VST synth like Massive has} 7 g o J \ to offer. There are Bass, Pads, Synth, FX, Lead & more! Reshape and tweak th* Z / 0 / i u zese sounds using all of masv 2 g w ] + N _sive’s funcF ~ ] H Itionalities and make them truly unique!


100 Presets for Massiveg 4 R e:
– 25 Bass
– 8 Chord
– 7 FX
– 5 Key
– 2g E @ j # 15 Lead
Q I ( W S Q f z 10 Pad
– 10 Pluck
– 10 Synth

**NOTE : You need to have Massive installed in your computer to use this soundset!**

To import our preseD k 2 / R W &ts/soundsets into MASSIVE , follow the below steps:

STEP 1 – Start MASSIVE, then select MassiH & o 6 D !ve > Options (OS X) or File > Options (d u A q ^ * tWindows) from the menu bar.

STEP 2 – In the Browser tab click on ADD. A new explorer window will0 : j O H & O open where you can select thet I $ W = @ : – folder on your hard drive
containi~ 8 4 V hng your custom sounds. The respective entrF : s r t & _ Sy will be added to the MASSIVE User Library Directories:

STEP 3 – Click on REBUILD DB followed by OK to r9 ) 3 pescan the MASSIVE database and closey x y ( the Options.
Once this is complete the library and its containing presets will become visible in the MASSIVE File Browser.