Proset Preset Pack expands the power of Xfer Serum and Native Instruments Massive VST to new creative possibilities. This diverse preset collection brings you the latest indub G F N Pstry-leading sounds inspired by trending artW r F C $ $ * 4ists like Travis Scott, The Weeknd, Marshmello, Post Malone and more – so you can easily take your sound desx s 2 I N # n cign to the next-level.

With Proset, you can expect a huge collection of hard-hitting 808s, heavy sub bW * z L E $ N K rasses, harmonic arps, mesmerizing pO h g Y T J c $ads and beautiful atmospheres that can be easily edited to create your own unique style. And it’s perfect for Hiq n \ e – I 8p Hop, Trap, Dubstep, House, and EDM productions right out t+ _ y g % @ h Jhe box.


Pe_ b #rfectly organized into type folders

Pushes Serum and Massive into uncharted territory

PowerfulX u 2 p V [ ! f q, unique and special in every way, no duplicate sounds

Perfect@ s 5 . ! . X d for trap,^ 4 b \ K z R hip hop,d : P \ s 5 3 edm, house, dance and much more

Supports all four macro controls in Serum for maximum customization and automation

Choose from over 500 presets with the best basses, arps, leads and more

Experiei [ Tnce and enjo9 E L \ yy sounds that instantly inspirest q c you to make new music


1h H X G79 Bass Serum Presets (.fxp)
017 808 Ser{ N \ L j Q \um Presets (.fxp)
079 Arp Serum Presets (.fxp)( e p
027 Leag * N M } B ad Serum Presets (.fxp)
065 Pad Serum Presets (.fxp)
037 Syx ; p o f – [ Jnth Serum Presets (.fxp)
047 Bass Massive Presets (.nmsv)
006 FX Massive Presets (.nmsv)
047 Bass Massive Pc o f u ; @resets (.D \ J |nmsv)
042 Lead Massive Presets (.nmsv)
010 Pad Massive Presets (.nmsv)
001 Pluck Massive Presets (.nmsv)