Vocal AD Bundle is the largest vocal sample pack collection ever released, with over 2,9D ] W @ 7 u 100 original royalty-free vocal samples, phrases and ad-libs inspiX k V 5 9 Zred by Travis Scott.

Each vocal sample is perfectly choppO \ :ed to give yoC q R n z ; v 0u an unparalleled amount oW m X ; F } S U cf phrases you can put together to create your own hooks or back up chorus for your tracks.

Everything you need to take your production to a higher level and differentiate yourself comes right out of the box. Excellen~ 3 / ! ,t collection foc * . e u h b & nr Hip Hop producers, EDM producers, DJs and more. Tru h a w h g O $y Vocal AD today for 30 days or your money b3 1 u q B zack, guaranteed.


Exclusive original recordings, never before released, available here only

Your purchase includes 100% royalty-free license for commercial use

Modern vocal phrases & ad-libs you and your audience can relate to

Perfectly chopped vocal phrases &aU # t ( 5 fmp; ad-libs you can drag and drop

Proce@ m M =ssed with care and mixed to perfection

Includes Dry, Wet, Processed and FX versions

Every vocal sample is Key & BP_ g G 9 0M LaP z Z K s a y 3 –beled


Vocal AD 1, 740+ vocals, DryL : _, Wet, Processed and FXJ U : . j 5 2 versions (.wav)
Vocal AD 2, 620+ vocals, Dry, Wet, Processed and FX versions (.wav)
Vocal ADx – x G w 1 m 3, 380+ vocals, Dry, Wet, Processed and FX versioZ k \ i zns (.wav)
Vo7 w c 8 q \ # Ncal AD 4, 605+ vocals, Dry, Wet, Processed and FX versions (.wav)
Vocal AD 5, 550+ vocals, D! I ( ] W ) S H @ry, Wet, Processed and FX versio+ S yns (.wav)