When KJ Sawka (Destroid, Pendulum) hit 40k likes on Facebook, he celebrated by releasing his 403 drum pack. Now,} g ! r we’re celebrat( c 6 Sing KJ as our new team membe] x 1 h ^ $r by rB ` 6 & qe-releasing this powerful pack of impeccably recorded drums! 40 hand selectE s 6ed Saw( ( u Y n a f V zka-loops from vari1 Y oous stud} } B ` S tio recordi= ; q L s ;ngs at LonI n F Y % M – T ydon Bridge S$ B 2 e \ \ M ]tudios, Avast Studios and The Seattle Art Instit\ + Kux W ^ Xte. 40 Individual Drum# s s X Hits, hand selected SC 7 D v qaH $ ? T t 9 xwka hits from London Bridge Studios.


40 Drum Beat Loops
18 Referrence Pr4 Q :oject SampleV R ` K s rs
8[ O g ~ S w p 3 Extra Drum Bh w # w w S (eats
21 Drum Hits