In this “Cyber Future” Loop Kit Hyperboloid presents 185+ Futuristic Loops perfect for making Future style Electro/ } Q i gnic, Hip-Hop, T7 { ( j n 2rap and Bass type beats.
Hyperboloid presents “Cyber Future” Loop Kit in collaboration with Traktrain Store! It contai– v Q 7 h +ns 188 original audio files of different styles and technics with a huge variety of keys & tempos. All sounds are professionally perform+ = k A c ` Ced and recP V P + B Lorded by several label artists. Grouped in 5 folders you can put loops from Beats, Basses, P) 7 } l E e l wads,^ S H a Stabs, and Synths toget( e \her to make a readyW Q a K o _ \-to-go beat fr\ 1x i 2 / 4 d 3om a zero point.

FX 9 b .irstly, tv ! # p C N X ?his kit will fir % u :t such genres as Future &amF B Xp; Dark Trap, Emo Ra% 3 / % | [ = W 4p, BoJ $ w ~ y E hombap, and New School. However, it will give ye 0 1 (ou a completely new feel of the sound. But hey, if yoi I g N &u are also looking for a completely new experience and are an independent producer, this kit will suit you too! This pack is also suitable for genres such as Future Bass, IDM, Drum ‘n’ Bass, J% E ; aungle, Juke, and Footwork. This set is a great addition to your sample lt x { ^ + Vibrary, as it will never be boring ae A v Dnd will open for you for a long time from more and more new sides.

What Do I Get

188 High-QualityO q v \ / 24Bit / 44,100 Hz WAV Loops;
Grouped i? U S R Xn 5 folders (Beat) ~ v S z 3s, Basses, Pads, Stabs, and Synths);
Mixed anp X f q Bd MasterY ; s Xed for convent 8 K y 7ient Drag-And-Drop use;
1E 8 K H c Z 5 400% Royalty-Free;
The instrument, Key and BMP labeled;
Loops can be mixed together to make a full beat4 j @ from zero;
The whole palette of emotions: from dark an) h M # d y qd deep to bright and light.


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