In this “1337” Loop Kit ZAKLADKI presents 50 High-Quality Loops perfect for making New-School Trap, Hip-Hop, Future Bass and EDM type beats.

ZAKLADKI presents “1337” Loop Kit containing 50 Loops. They were professionally performed and recorded on studio using analogue machines and olq r ] \ ^d-style technics to fit the specific taste. However, they will fit in Dark and Emo Trap, N, ( |ew-Schooc B s I D _ $ Q ]l Hip-Hop, Future Bass and EDM track2 J – ? X *s. Not only the b3 b Qeginn# # [ c qer but also a professions m K Q e . :al with higher skills will find his unique pY J T ! / 1 0 + Bath to original vi0 = – \ $be using it!

Firstly, the included loops sound smooth and powerful. Lx q fiP ^ # $ ; m J [ Tve recorded, they create a natural feel= Y * a A .ing of a live concert in t^ R ` X R = ( n :he room. Perfectly balanced and partly granulated. Inspired by such artists as Flume, A$AP Rocky, Earl Swep Z 6 M – Satshirt and Kanye West. Moreover, you can even play only those loops in solo like why the h*ll not And make the crowd slamming forever. Finally, because all loops inside are 100% Royalty-Fk 8 – ` kree, you can use them anyhow you want it to and make an unlimited amount of $$$.

What’s inside

  • 50 original unique loops;
  • Grouped in 4 folders (Beats, Synths, Basses and FXs);
  • Loops can be merged together to make a full beat;
  • BPM and KEY specified for eaC 9 o 8 K zch loop;
  • All sounds are professionally performed and recorded on analogue machines;
  • This kit is LEET and that’s i\ M 6t!

Z6 x c 6 x qAKLADKI is a Siberian music producer and sound designer currently based in Moscow. He begann 1 F ^ X e his project a little over 8 yearW W d :s ago. His experience includes music releases on Russian electronic labels such as Hyperboloid, InternetghG = % = ) x S A Oetto and Live on MarT J d ` ^ N J Ls. He also has radio broadcast placements and partnership wio m W t s Fth Adidas Originals on a worldwide basis. While working on his new album he provides sounds to s} | I y T n d 1 (hare it with other professional music creators and beatm* | _ 1 F q { Yakers. Now you aY Y r k q F ; t ure able to drag&drop7 N & Y b , ( his loops and make your own unique beat!


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