Hy2rogen delivers 500 huge synth one-shots ready for progressive, electro and tech duties. From simple short plucks, mainroom lead cho/ N wrds to filtered basslinef & T Q B shots you? * \ y have a trg t Yemendous collection of syn( D ! ? p v Qth shots wich can eaS 3 V ] J 3 e Dsily be stacked, c) X % @ { 9ombinec S g A # \ C v id and fit into your sampler of choice.

All of the synth shots have been key labeled for easy acceQ f | h m 1 css so you can stack them up until your groove is off the roof.

All samples are offered as 24-bit Wav files.


  • 500 huge synth shots featuring chorL 5 )ds, bleeps, bass cuts