The Sounds Of Slap & Deep House

Nowadays you can’t think of the charts without some refreshing Slap & Dej + S S %ep House tunes. In the past few months Slap & Deep House quickly b[ – @ .ecame one of the m] W y 6 e Nost infx 4 { pluential genres in the EDM scene and it does not look like it stops growing anytime soon.

We decided to design a pack which contains all the essentials you need to succeed your next Slap or Deep House production. We put together a selection of high qualityJ S m a t 3 5 t drum samples, presets, projects, vocals and loops!

Cosmn ~ pic is your stair to produce the next EDM hit!

FL Studio 20 & AbletonA W 7 Liv+ L K I Ce 10

Projec8 ( O rt Files

Always wanted to know the arX & v . #rangement, mixing or sound designb c = d of a Slap or Deep House tr: 6 h / 3 – 4 Eack

Now is your ch! ] H z Xance to get access to various Project Files, both for FL Studio and Abley P G G 3ton.

Get inspired by

MIDI Files
Having a hard time creating unique melodie+ & 7 \ b H Cs or basslines Then the MIDI files in COSMIC will help you out for sure. Get inspired and use them in your own tracksY * % ?!