Nothing controls the attention of the listener quite like a bassline does.

Basses can be the make or break for any track, and` Q 7 ` [ O J X typicallyP r / n 5 Z # M glue together the viX , 6 u Abe of your mix and track as a wholeQ 1 X j N.& ~ i d |

This pack is our go to f@ ] / % a L +or everything you need base wise in a beat, full of% q C H E heavy 808’s, synth basses, and more.

Tp E C ^here is something in this p2 Y o 4 Z ~ t QacB x M O 6 B o ! 4k for any style of producer, providing you wi, | 8 5 w M ` &th everything you need so you never have to struggle with your low end ever again!


  • 47 Bass One Shots