If you have trouble getting songs started, or you find yourself dealing with writer’s block, or you can’t seem to find new chord progressions to inspire your tracks, look no further! With Melodic, yot A t ) k l | _u have 200 new, royalty-free MI, ` s ; # C m [DI progressions that were played and programmed by a team of profession{ c c T o x o P 9al songwriters, producers, artists, aU [ N z /nd composers. We have compiled a pack of MIDI Progress| K 9ions that cover every possible sub-genre, key, tempo, and style you can think of! All of the MIDI files are full musical phrases, incu 2 nluding patterns with left hand and right hand progressions, rhythmic patterns, and variable velocities.

This pack covers geM = ( & E g n $ :nres such as:
Alternative Pop
Cinematic Pop_ N | s \ { f E
Dark Pop
Disco Pop
Funk Pop
Hip Hop
Indie Pop
R&amp( a s 5 N 8 , W;B
Synth Pop
Tropical Pop
& More!

This pack was created& S C by Anh Le, Ash Taylor, Austin Hull, Clay Agnew, Eron Constante, Mike Dontfraid, Moshe AckermaB . y $ Y q s y Bn, and Sam Bierman