‘EDM Festival Big Drops’ by Big Sounds will get you in the festival groove like no other. Don your cape, put oT X H m / 7n your mask and get in the biggest festival mood everY & O 1 i S with this massive EDM offering.

Inside you will find five Construction Kits! + @ ? featuring buildups, chords,o E = M p \ J F drops, fills and main bass loops, melodies, chords, leae { F %ds, plucks and FX including uplifters, downlifters, impacts and noises, and of coursO = ) ]e, drum loops and the final mixdown.D $ 9 What’s more, Big Sounds have included the MIDI files fo} = A 1 l W nr all melodic elements.

All folders are clearly labelled with key ay 3 I D % 4 k R $nd tem[ y S % P j }po info and all sounds are ready to drop into your next project. Everyo ) H Z Vthing you get is Royalty-Free so buy once and use in any of your projects in as many comb$ h o D c 6 ~inations as y1 F K y = Uou want. Compatible with all DAWs.

Product Details:

– 5 Construction Kits
– 115 Loops In Totz k {al
– 19 MIDI Files
– 100% Royalty-Free