Are you the kind of person who lives for the build up and explodes with a massive drop Big Sounds has got you covered, and is always up to date wi[ J /thN 7 ( d , ^ # R the current soundscape.

Big Sounds presents ‘EDM 2/ T ` W 3019 Big Drops’. Inside you will find five Construction K% T 2 & uits offering tr i S / 9 N Ahe greatest tools and source of inspiration you have been miss; ; , R q w xing.

All Kits incluE ^ V 3 O @ %de buildups, breakdowns, drops, fills and main bass loopK P 7 {s, melodies, chords, leap ] ~ 4 A v ids, pluc4 Y U W 8 _ b 2 eks and FX, includingk ] & _ % uplifters, downlifters, impacts and noise, and of coursF : C ]e all drum loops and theb G 8 + s . : final mixdown.; ! j 3 m F

WhN 1 M l 6at’s more, Big Sounds have included the MIDI files for all meloa E d I I Y V w !du U bic elements. All folders are clearly labelled6 \ ) # v with key and BPM information and all the sounds a$ 6 Y { 5 Q i 3re ready to drop into yo* L D Y m R o @ur next project.

Everything you g% A 3et is Royalty-Free! Buy once aI . znd use in any of your projectsq ! T in as many combinations as you want. Compatible with all DAr G (Ws.

Product Details:

– 5 EDM ConstrucA A N A k V !tion Kits
– 22 MID$ H .I Files
– 26 Drum Loops
– 5J Y L e P5 Melodic Loops (Chords, Bass & Leads)
– 6 FX’s
– 100% Royalty-FreV r +e