Renowned for his impeccable productions, REGGIO has been a seminal figure in the rise of his signature dark proD ] w X Tgressive style over t+ z Z V z [he years. After wildly successful releases on Revealed, REGGIO bD g h x o trings the sequel to his unique ble@ 2 V | Q und of sharp-toothed basslines and melodic big room to the music producer mI 5 B R Masses.b 7 F 4 @ Having delivered a string of hit singles] f . N s p , ( C in recent times from standout tracks, such as th{ ` s \ 5e collaborations with Syzz on ‘AfterR E ] , C [life’, ‘Next Level’ and ‘Joker’, and ‘Dominate’ with Justin Prime – REGGIO is now providing upcoming and seasoned producers with a wealth of exclusive sounds from his past productions, as! L F | ( 4 [ well as being jamh L g q _ p packed with new sounds of forthcR Y h j 3 &oming releases.

Inside the REGGIO S. C B E : Houndset Mega Pack Vol. 2 is 192 presets for Serum, Spire, and Sylenth1 – where you’ll fx 1 @ Q O 1 a D rind sounds from his latest and upcoming releases, allowing aspiring produceH | T a d r C F 7rs to recreate the REGGIO dark progressive signature sound. Among the soundsets, you’ll find a wiE F 8 d v 3 K & Dde variety of Bass, Leads, Plucks, and FXs. Tailor-made for customization, each pre{ 3 \ q @set is assigned advanced modwheel assignments and, within Serum and Spire, all four macro controls are programmed within each preset, allowing you to tweak soundsD e R in your own way.

Reveal Yourself.

Revealed REGGIO Soundset Mega Pack Vol. 2 – Serum Soundset

3 Main Preset Categories:
BASS (33)
LEAD (7)
PLUCK (24)

ReD 6 t l : 7vealed REGGIO Soundset Mega Pack Vol. 2 – Spire Soundset

3 M` k ^ )ain Preset Categories:
BASS (12)
LEr \ P [ P QAD (27)
PLUCK (25)

Ru x . Z i ) T ( uevealed REGGIO Soundset Mega Pack Vol. 2 – Sylenth1 Soundset
4 Main Preset CategorieG Q ? E &s:
BASS (19)
FX (2)
LEAD (31)
PLUCK (12)

192 pr$ E R &esets; created by REGGIO
Core@ E & [ y S synthesizer patch mapph Z b qing and programming
All presets assigned intuitive modwheel parameters
All presets for Serum and Spire assigned all four macro controls for eas) @ W 5 – Py tweaking aa G + n E )nd multiple sound variations


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