Renowned for his impeccable productions, REGGIO has been a seminal figure in the rise of his signature dark progressive style over the years. After wildly successful releases on Revealed, REGGIO brings his unique blend of sharp-toothed ba} Y x 9 B / Jsslines and melodic big room to the music producer masses. Having delivered a string of hit singles in rece| t # F 9 J f ~nt times from$ \ T 3 s & ; . standout tracks, such as the collaboration with Sansixto on ‘Rumble’, ‘Panthei ` 7on’ with Arcando, ‘Mental’ with RIVERO, and the most recent collaboration with Syzz on ‘Joker’ – REGGIO is now providing upcoming and seasoned prF 6 b 8oducers with a wealth of exclusive sh r xounds from his past productions, as well as being jam packed with new sounds of forthcoming tracks.

Inside the REGGIO Soundset MeP % @ l gga Pack Vol. 1 is 192 presets for Se# @ f f G vrum, SK ? p ` 4 dpire, and Sylenth1 – where you’ll find sounds from his latesg $ + X 9t and upcoming releases, allowing aspirf t $ q \ jing producers to recreate the REGGIO dark progressive4 . r g 1 _ signature sound. Among the soundsets, you’ll find a wide variety of Bass,n # * O H Leads, Pads, Plucks, and FXs. Tailor-made for customization, each preset is assigned advanced modwhx h X K q H a reel assignments and, within Serumo _ 5 t . and Spire, all four mac7 b B Y 5 P M d –ro contro# N Als are programmed within ea6 \ X g 8 % Cch preset, allowing you to tweak sounds in your o7 . Y C 5 Lwn way.

Reveal Yourself.

Revealed REGGIO Soundset Mega Pack Vol. 1 – Serum Soundset

3 Main Preset Categorz m = }ies:

BASSr ! ? 6 ^ (17)

LEAD (27)

PLUCK (20)

Revealed REGGIO Soundset Mega Pack Vol. 1 – Spire Soundset

4 Main Preset Categories:

BASS (j ! 1 j24{ W * = , J)

FX (3)

LEAD (29)


Revealed REGGIO Soundset Mega Pack Vol. 1 – Sylenth1 Soundset

5 Main Preset Categories:

BASS (16)

FX (7)

LEAD (29)

PLUCK (12)y f k z T P { } s

192 preY P N 2 n M wsets; created by REGGIO

CoQ { Q g y ] 1 o Ere synthesizer patch mapping and programming

All preser 1 a [ A o k yts assigned intuitive modwheel parameters

All presets fox K O 9 l 0 K *r Serum and SpireC M B ] Y / & assigned all four macro controls for easy tweakinR d 9 b / 2g and multiy L U Cple sound variations